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Friday, November 4, 2011

Tragedy | Rihanna's Alcoholism

Rihanna has cancelled two performances in Sweden and ended up in the hospital earlier in the week due to the flu. Last night, the reason behind the cancellation was extreme fatigue but Rihanna's doctors are more concerned with her lifestyle choices. Doctors worry that excesive drinking, partying, exhausting performances, and extended studio hours may give Rihanna much more than the flu.

An insider from Rhi's camp said in reference to last night,"She was so ill. She could barely stand up. She was pushing herself to do the show, but she couldn't do it in the end. At the Globe Rihanna was close to passing out. It got serious. She couldn't even get up to leave. So she slept in her dressing room until about half an hour after midnight and then they helped her out to the car and back to her hotel."

via mtv

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